Scholarships, Loans, and Grants

The Buffalo Branch of AAUW administers both interest-free loan and grant funds, providing additional financial support to college students in the Western New York area in the form of specialized loans, grants, or scholarships. These funds are obtained from proceeds from our Annual Book Sale and generous donors. The funds include several named awards. Applicants, women or men, must demonstrate superior academic achievement, have potential for achieving their academic and career goals, and, for some of the awards, show financial need.

Please also note that Buffalo AAUW board members are ineligible for any of our scholarships, grants, and loans. Children of board members are eligible for the various awards, but the parent must abstain from any discussion/voting on such an application. No one person shall be awarded more than one AAUW-Buffalo scholarship in one calendar year. Applicants who have not received AAUW-Buffalo scholarships in the past will receive priority in the selection process.

Buffalo AAUW Scholarship Program Overview: