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We’re MOVING! Please click HERE for our new website! This one will be going away soon!

In view of the ongoing public health crisis, the AAUW Buffalo Branch will not be holding its annual book sale as scheduled May 27-31. In addition, we have suspended all book collecting until further notice. Please respect the Calvary Church space and do not leave books for us there. We will be re-assessing our position as the situation progresses. 

Please pass the word and watch this space for updates!

We’re thinking ahead to 2020 – yes, already!

We have been back at work starting the week of Sep 16, 2019. Workers are at Calvary Episcopal Church (20 Milton St in Williamsville) accepting and sorting books every Tuesday and Wednesday morning from 9:30 to 11:30. Note – if the Williamsville schools are closed due to weather conditions, we will NOT be there as the safety of our volunteers is our primary concern.

We will be working at Calvary until we move into our sale site, probably in early April. At that point we will accept donations at the sale site until Tuesday, May 12. NO DONATIONS AFTER THAT POINT!

What kinds of donations do we want? Most types of print material, in saleable condition:

  • YES: Most books, DVDs, CDs, audio books, puzzles, games and any large print materials.
  • NO: textbooks, professional journals, Reader’s Digest Condensed books (except for large print), magazines, cassettes, videotapes, records, homemade media, encyclopedias, or computer books.

Remember – if you wouldn’t give it to a friend, we probably can’t sell it either!

Questions? Call 716-634-6640, 716-832-4119, or 716-812-4008.

2020 SALE DETAILS (site will be announced in the spring):

Wednesday, May 27 (please note revised admission costs)
9 am – 1 pm, admission $20
1 pm – 5pm, admission $10
5 pm – 8 pm, admission $5
Thursday, May 28 – Saturday, May 30
9 am – 8 pm, admission $1
Sunday, May 31
10 am – 5 pm, admission FREE and BAG DAY ($5 for a NORMAL-sized grocery bag full of books!)

Charitable organizations, with advance notice and documentation, may gather books for their purposes from 5pm to 5:30pm on Sunday. These collections may not start until the sale is officially ended at 5pm.

We are pleased to offer the opportunity for members and friends to help sponsor the Book Sale by making a donation to the AAUW Buffalo Branch. Making it relevant to the Book Sale, we have created the following donation categories. Names of sponsors will be recognized by category on a poster at the Book Sale.

Sponsorship Categories:

  • Louisa May Alcott, $25 – $49
  • Toni Morrison, $50 – $74
  • The Bronte Sisters,$75 – $99
  • Jane Austen, $100 +

If you are interested in helping defray our costs, please send a check made out to AAUW Buffalo Booksale, to PO Box 894, Buffalo, NY 14225. Friends and non-members are also encouraged to help sponsor our sale. What a wonderful gift or memorial idea! Donations are tax deductible.

Thank you to Jacquie Walker for agreeing to be our ongoing honorary chair. You honor us, Jacquie!

The applications for the 2019 Jacquie Walker scholarship are now available – click HERE.

And thanks to our community partners for 2019:

A&L Moving
Able Tables

Advanced Graphics Printing
Calvary Episcopal Church
Benderson Development Company
If you have questions about the booksale, please fill out and submit the following form:

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